Habib Show: (WATCH)George Floyd's Trending SexTape That Proves He was a PornStar 1

Habib Show: (WATCH)George Floyd’s Trending SexTape That Proves He was a PornStar

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Current photographs and a video are circulating online that prove Floyd was a porn star before his demise. The video has been trending on various social media platforms. George Floyd performed in porn under the name “Floyd the Landlord” and “Big Floyd”. Floyd’s best-known video was the one for the Habib Show which starred Kimberly Brinks and was reportedly filmed in Texas.
The Habib Show captioned, “Yeah, she a bad. Her name is Kimberly Brinks, she is 21, lives in Houston and is sexy as hell. I call this video Newbie Fresh cause she is new to the game and I was one of the first ones to film her and Everything looks fresh on her.. her hair is fresh, her nails fresh, her body banging fresh add to her bubbly personality she just the total package especially her tight body. Man, I love women that aren’t too thick and too petite.. she’s just right.
From her juicy wet dick-sucking lips to her nice perky tits down to her phatt juicy ass. One thing I loved about her.. she has that tight sensitive pussy, you can stick your pinky finger in her and she screaming. She will make a 2inch dick man feel like a mandingo warrior. Well, I didn’t bring any 2-inch dude to fuck her. I brought this 6’6″ tall BBC giant.
He goes by the name Big Floyd. This was his first time on camera and he fucked her good and hard. They fucked for a long ass time, he fucked her in all types of positions. He tore that tight pussy up with his BBC. You all have to watch the video it’s over 90 minutes long and it’s wild.”
Habib Show: (WATCH)George Floyd's Trending SexTape That Proves He was a PornStar 2 2961

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