Fear Women: 71-year-old Rwandan Man Who is Scared of Women Has Been Living in Isolation For 55 Years

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Rwanda’s Mysterious Hermit: 55 Years Alone in Fear of the Opposite Sex!

Callitxe Nzamwita, a 71-year-old man from Rwanda has taken social distancing to a whole new level! At the tender age of 16, he decided to go all-in on solitude, sealing himself off from the world with his very own fortress. This man’s fear of women turned him into a self-imposed hermit for an astounding 55 years.

In a strange twist of fate, it’s the ladies next door who have always come to Callitxe’s aid, despite his fear of the opposite sex. As reported by News9live, one of his female neighbors shared, “Strangely, even though he fears women, we are the ones who help him get food and some things he needs. When you try to help him, he doesn’t want us to come close or talk to him”.

Callitxe’s female neighbors play a unique game of “delivery” to keep his solitude intact. They toss items his way, which he graciously accepts from a safe distance. However, the moment he spots a woman approaching his domain, it’s like a race to the finish line – he dashes inside, locking the world out. At 71 years young, Callitxe grapples with a mysterious condition known as “gynophobia,” where the mere sight of a woman sends him on an involuntary sprint to seclusion.

What is Gynophobia?

Gynophobia isn’t your run-of-the-mill fear; it’s an irrational, heart-pounding, and downright puzzling anxiety specifically focused on women. You might be tempted to link it with misogyny, but here’s the twist – gynophobia is a genuine, bone-chilling phobia. What’s even more intriguing? The mere thought of women can be enough to set it off. So, whether you’re scrolling through photos or daydreaming, gynophobia has a knack for making an appearance.

Symptoms of Gynophobia

Also known as “gynephobia” or “feminophobia,” Gynophobia is the irrational fear of women. It can manifest with a variety of symptoms, both physical and psychological. Some common symptoms of gynophobia may include:

1. Intense Anxiety: Gynophobia can lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety when in the presence of women or when thinking about women.

2. Panic Attacks: Individuals with gynophobia may experience panic attacks characterized by sudden, intense fear, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and physical discomfort.

3. Avoidance Behavior: Those with gynophobia may go to great lengths to avoid women, including crossing the street, changing paths, or retreating to a safe space.

4. Physical Symptoms: Gynophobia can lead to physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and gastrointestinal distress.

5. Difficulty Breathing: Some individuals may experience a sensation of breathlessness or difficulty in breathing when they encounter women or think about them.

6. Tightness in the Chest: This condition can cause a feeling of chest tightness or discomfort, similar to what is experienced during extreme stress.

7. Overwhelming Fear: Individuals with gynophobia may experience an intense and irrational fear of women, even if they pose no real threat.

8. Negative Thoughts: They may have negative or intrusive thoughts about women, leading to further anxiety and distress.

9. Social Isolation: Gynophobia can result in social isolation as individuals avoid situations where they might encounter women, affecting their relationships and daily life.

10. Depression and Low Self-Esteem: The constant fear and avoidance can contribute to depression and low self-esteem, as individuals may feel isolated and unable to engage in normal social interactions.

It’s important to note that gynophobia is a real psychological condition that can have a significant impact on a person’s life. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of gynophobia, it is advisable to seek the help of a mental health professional who can provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment options. Therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), can be effective in helping individuals manage and overcome gynophobia.

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