Diana Marua and Kabi wa Jesus' Cosy Photo Shocks Internet Users 1

Diana Marua and Kabi wa Jesus’ Cosy Photo Shocks Internet Users

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A recent photo of content creators Kabi wa Jesus and Diana Marua cuddling and looking cosy together has caused mixed reactions online. The photo that has been shared by Kabi on his Instagram account depicts the duo getting close to each other during Kabi’s son’s birthday party. Diana had donned Kitenge pants and Kabi had black jeans and an orange T-shirt on.
Kabi posted a cheeky photo and captioned it by asking social media users not to tag his or Diana’s spouse as it was only a photo and they didn’t intend to ruin their marriages. He further thanked Diana for attending the party and further tagged her Math teacher. Diana’s husband responded to the photo with a lighthearted joke adding that he would cut Kabi’s hands if he continued holding Diana’s waist.

This is not the first time that Diana has been pictured in close proximity with other media personalities. Previously she was photographed dancing with other celebrities and it led to rumours of infidelity. Diana however has always denied the rumours claiming that she is just friendly and doesn’t have inappropriate interactions with those people. A number of people have criticized Diana for being close to other men while others have defended her claiming that social media users are simply misunderstanding her.
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