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China Launches Dating App To Increase Marriage Rate

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China Has Launched A Match Making App To Reduce The Declining Marriage Rate

A Chinese city, Guixi has launched a matchmaking app that aims to help people find their perfect match in order to reduce the declining marriage rate. The state-sponsored app dubbed Palm Guixi receives data and then helps to look for potential matches and arrange them for dates, it also helps raise awareness of high bride prices.
Beautiful couple out on a date
A beautiful couple out on a date
According to China’s statistics yearbook, the number of people getting married in the country dropped to 7.64 million in 2021. The downward trend in China could also be due to a fall in birth rates. Last year the country recorded a decline in population for the first time in sixty years, to a low of 6.77 births per 1000 people.
Palm Guixi uses its background data to pick suitors for the user. According to China Youth Daily, the platform also works to organize blind dates once a match is approved, The Guardian reports.


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