Kenyan Transgender Influencer Brandy Maina’s Nude Videos Allegedly Surface Online

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Kenyan Transgender Influencer Brandy Maina’s nudes have allegedly surfaced online. Reportedly, Brandy shares explicit videos with her lovers who include celebrities and politicians. A curious fan posted on Edgar Obare’s BNN Kenya channel,
” Edgar isn’t this brandymaina who claimed to have a thing with DJ shitty and other Kenyan celebs in Kenya?”
Social media users were on the net trying to look out for her nude photos and videos. A curious follower asked her if Willy Paul had ever tried to make a pass or if the duo had been involved in a situationship. She commented,
“All I can say is most media personalities are in the community but pretend to go as far as acting homophobic on open queer people and to me that’s not fair…even politicians, then why don’t they just embrace the community/ themselves.”
 A Transgender person is one whose gender identity is different from that typically associated with the gender they were assigned at birth. Some transgenders desire medical assistance to transition from one gender to another, they are termed as transsexual.

BMC Public Health stipulates, “Transgender women in Kenya experience greater stigma, depressive symptoms, alcohol and drug use and risky sexual practices than cis-gendered men who have sex with men.”

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