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Hookup Site ‘VIP Connections’ Founder Diana Kemunto Urges Ladies to ‘Make Their Money’

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VIP Connections Founder Diana Kemunto- No One Will Feed You!

Details on a pimping empire, and a lucrative hookup site, have emerged after Erotic Africa investigators used TikTok to identify the popular leader behind the famous VIP Connections. It has also been established that the group was formed in 2015. On TikTok, a whistleblower revealed a Whatsapp group, known as the City Girls, where Nairobi beauties are linked with wealthy individuals and politicians looking for a good time.

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Receipts and M-Pesa transaction images have leaked on Telegram and TikTok showing the Nairobi divas, who include social media influencers and Instagram socialites, are paid between Ksh.28,000 and Ksh.146,000 for escort service in Kenya. According to the Nairobian, the exotic escorts were initially meant to serve men of influence from West African nations through TikTok but as the group grew, rich Kenyan locals and politicians joined in.

“Over time, the organization expanded its reach to include politicians and entrepreneurs from Kenya, among other nations. Currently, we boast approximately 160 VIP members, and the group has gained significant influence and popularity within exclusive circles,” Kemunto told The Nairobian.

Despite operating under the radar, Diana Kemunto revealed that the agency, VIP Connections, ensured that the girls had the same mission, to have fun, paid sex, and romantic trips abroad.

“What happened during the past burst on social media (because) I put connections, and someone felt like she was tied on to that person (the client). We didn’t see that coming, but it won’t happen again,” she said.

Kemunto, who was first identified on TikTok, said: “We have our rate cards and clients across the globe,” adding, “I keep telling ladies, just make your money. If you have a way of making money, just do it. No one will feed you.”

Speaking on the type of women you would find on VIP Connections, Kemunto noted, “The majority of members seeking connections fall within the age range of 24 to 35, while the group reports having up to 35 active connections each month. My agency encourages its members to be independent. We would rather go months without a client, but when we get one, two, or more, they pay well.”

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She stated that in order to participate in VIP Connections, customers (both men and women) must fully affirm their intentions, make the agreed-upon down payment, and submit to the appropriate medical examinations.


Major Challenges Faced by VIP Connections

Diana Kemunto has also revealed that the biggest challenge faced is when politicians fail to pay for escort services, “Some clients have failed to honor their financial commitments, while others have resorted to threatening behavior. However, the organization maintains that such instances are learning experiences, and it continues to deliver results to its clients diligently.”

She added that the members of VIP Connections are not so different from more established brands such as Exotic Africa Escorts and are actually ladies with wealth and class. She affirmed this by saying, “The members have different streams of income. They are people who are not struggling and are running their successful businesses, which are stable.”

How To Subscribe to VIP Connections

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Kemunto claims that women who join the VIP Connections network must pay up to Sh50,000 to have access to thousands of potential clients around the world. She is a member of the network of men’s organizations, which has networks all over the world, but joining the network costs Sh100,000.

Kemunto said, “I was introduced to this business by a friend, and I begged her to put me in groups of wealthy men who travel for fun or business and want girls to entertain them.”

She added that the clients have different preferences, “Some love them thick, some slim, some dark, some light or they have other preferences. They tell you what they want and then you send pictures for them to pick.”

“Upon evaluating the request and confirming the budget aligns with the group’s resources, a connection is made. The budget for connections can range from as little as $300 (Sh 45, 000) to as high as $4,000 (Sh 60, 000) depending on our rate cards.”

Diana Kemunto concluded by saying, “Our customers (men) prefer cash if possible. Sometimes, M-Pesa but they avoid the formal financial system for many reasons. Once the rendezvous takes place, the remainder of the payment is handed over.”

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