World AIDS Day 2023: The Role of Technology In The Cure For HIV 1

World AIDS Day 2023: The Role of Technology In The Cure For HIV

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Every year on December 1st the world comes together for World AIDS Day, to remember people impacted by the disease as well as raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day represents advancements made in the fight of HIV/AIDS and the vital part we must play to ensure that this disease ceases to exist in the future. World AIDS Day first celebrated in 1998, was established to highlight international commitment to show support to those infected with the virus and to stop its spread.
Millions of people wear red ribbons all over the world to show solidarity and awareness on in this day. There have been advancements in HIV/AIDS research, treatment and prevention. Technology has transformed the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS through Antiretroviral therapy( ART), App-based sex education awareness and other ways enabling people living with HIV and AIDS to live productive and healthier lives.

Telemedicine and Remote Care

Integration of telemedicine has become very significant in the context of HIV/AIDS, especially to people living in areas with no access to healthcare facilities. Telehealth platforms facilitate mental health support, remote consultations and managing medication.

Vaccine Research and Gene Editing

CRISPR-Cas9 and other cutting-edge technologies have opened possibilities in gene editing further sparking optimism in the quest for finding a cure for HIV. Researchers are still leveraging these tools to further explore approaches to develop effective preventive measures.
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Antiretroviral Therapy

ART is a cornerstone in managing HIV/AIDS virus, has evolved with less side effects, refined drug formulations and efficacy. Long-acting ARVs offer convenience for people living with HIV. According to the Global HIV & AIDS statistics, 29.8 million people were accessing ARV in December 2022 up from 7.7 million in 2010. 76% of the people living with HIV were accessing treatment.

Is a Cure For HIV/AIDS Possible?

According to Octave Moumpala, Country Director, Burundi, Chemonics International, “..While I believe that an HIV cure or total eradication is theoretically possible, it remains a distant horizon. Gene therapy and immune-based interventions offer promise in addressing the primary obstacle posed by latent reservoirs. Additionally, the development of a preventive vaccine holds great potential. However, it is important to maintain a realistic perspective on the enduring challenges ahead. HIV’s complexity and adaptability necessitate persistent research efforts, likely spanning many more years before the fruition of a definitive cure or vaccine. In the interim, it is imperative to sustain investments in HIV prevention and treatment initiatives.”

ChallengesTo HIV/AIDS Cure

Latent Reservoirs

HIV can establish latent reservoirs in the body. It lies dormant in the body for long periods. Such reservoirs which are immune to conventional therapies, require new strategies for tatgeting.

HIV/AIDS Evasive Strategies

Since HIV is highly adaptable, its adaptability results in its constant evolution making it more difficult for it to develop effective cure and treatment.
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