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Turmoil In Utopia: Yul Edochie’s Second Wife Suspects Husband Is Cheating On Her

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Yul Edochie Finds Another Woman One Year After Marrying The Second Wife

Judy Austin, the second wife of actor Yul Edochie is currently suspecting that her husband is seeing another woman. In a video that is currently circulating on social media, Judy who has access to Yul’s social media account stated that she suspects that her husband is in another affair. She shared the video online and captioned it, “I’m suspecting that Yul has a girlfriend and he’s hiding it. See what happened last night. Is it fair?”

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Lamenting on the situation at hand, Judy stipulated that at the time of recording the video, it was past 2 AM yet her husband had not arrived home. It did not take long before Edochie arrived and  Judy went ahead to attack him for coming back home very late. Yul however denied giving Judy a valid reason for coming late. He did not give a clear answer when Judy asked him whether he was having an extramarital affair. It is still unclear whether there is still turmoil in their relationship or whether the video was just one of their social media stints.

Turmoil In Utopia: Yul Edochie's Second Wife Suspects Husband Is Cheating On Her 1

Yul Edochie alongside his two wives


Some of the comments on social media read,

mz_chyoma said: “Even the dog is tired of their shenanigans.”

clara04coclara04co said: “Tufiakwa 1billion tyms.”

khiss_baby_official said: “If man d outside till 2 am mean say he gets a new girlfriend? I think he’s running away because of your wahala.”
ekwitous reacted: “Some people just come into your life and everything changes.”
Judy and Yul are not new to online fights. Recently, they trended for the umpteenth time after they engaged in a fight on social media. Yul could be heard on camera complaining about how tired he was since he was threatened to do something that Judy would not like.


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