how tiktok has turned into a pornsite

How Kenyan Tiktok Becomes a PornSite After Midnight Hours

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 Kenyan Tiktokers Showing off Nudes After Midnight Hours

TikTok has become popular among the youth since most use the platform to entertain and discover talents among users. This is not the case all around the clock* since some tiktok users have expressed their concerns over what happens between 2-3 a.m. on Kenyan tiktok. Igniting the debate on social media, a Twitter user going by the handle @tviewws tweeted,
” It’s time we talk about w** happens on Kenyan TikTok lives at 2-3 am Bro.
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Kenyan Tiktok has become a pornsite after midnight hours
Netizens thronged to social media to share their experiences with Kenyan tiktok. Many Tiktokers prefer to go live to share their nudity as others perform indecent sexual acts on themselves. Female tiktok users were also said to pin their phone numbers and solicit* for “gifts” in exchange for their nudity.
A concerned TikToker, Roy Mwangi, urged parents to teenagers to remain vigilant discouraging parents from granting their kids any access to tiktok at such ungodly hours. He said,
Every unthinkable thing is done at that time. All the madness, all the dirty stuff. I cannot imagine teenagers or even younger children having access to TikTok at that time. Parents need to be very vigilant, “
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