Ladies’ Choice: Stevo Simple Boy Declares His Undying Love For Wanja Kihii

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Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has introduced his new girlfriend after Kaveve Kazoze declined his proposal. Speaking to the media, the renowned musician confessed that he is in love with an upcoming rapper, Wanja Kihii and went ahead to serenade her with enticing words.
The upcoming rapper said that Stevo Simple Boy is the love of his life and is ready to make a home with him. Wanja asserted that one day they’ll both tie the knot and live together as a couple. When asked about Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker Ngesh wa Vasha declining Simple Boy’s proposal, Wanja Kihii said that she’s happy since she can have Stevo Simple Boy to herself.
She said, “Alikataa Mali safi, shauri yake. Saa hii ni Mali yangu. I’m Stevo’s only wife, there is no one else.”
Days ago, Simple Boy professed his undying love for Ngesh and said that he intends to marry her. He said that if Kaveve agrees to get married to him, he will take care of her and make her the happiest wife. He said, “Kuna mwana dada pale naona amenivutia sana anaitwa Kaveve Kazoze. Kama ako single mnaeza mwambia Stevo Simple Boy ni mtu ametulia na namtamani. Mwambie nimedata kwake. Mumwabie na mambo ikuwe freshi,”
She also refuted claims that they are chasing clout in order to release a new song. She said that despite having been together for one week, they are genuinely in love. Wanji even went ahead to warn exes from interfering with their relationship.
The ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker refused to comment on Atieno’s reaction pertaining to his crush on different women yet she is married to him.

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