How Long-term Partners Can Spice up Their Sex life 1

How Long-term Partners Can Spice up Their Sex life

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As you continue spending time with your partner, your sex life may get monotonous. Your sex life may seem like a routine and it may get plain boring. Your body will change with time and age. Your partner’s body may also change and you may not view them to be desirable and sexy like before. With such changes, sex can cease to be exciting.

You may also feel like you know each other’s bodies and like there’s nothing left for the both of you to explore. What next? Here are tips to spice up your long-term relationship if you don’t want a stale sex life:

Express Your Intimacy To Your Partner

To maintain intimacy with your partner, get them to think about having sex with you even when you are not engaging in it. You can do this by touching them intimately, writing them suggestive and sexy messages or making sultry phone calls as they carry on with their daily activities.

Set The Mood for Romance

Take the initiative to heat things up in the bedroom. If you are bored with all the sex positions you have tried between the sheets, it’s best to try something different. You can try sex toys who knows a vibrator or a penis ring could change your sex life forever.

Get Back In Shape

How Long-term Partners Can Spice up Their Sex life 2

Being in good shape is crucial for your sexual life and health. If you think your body requires some toning, you can go for morning runs or hit the gym. Working out together may strengthen the bond between both of you. If you feel attractive you will look attractive to your partner.

Talk Sexy and Think Sexy

Sex is a crucial part of your relationship even when you have been together for a long period. After several years of being comfortable with each other, you should be in a position to communicate with each other about the various ideas you have about your sex life and what expectations you have between the sheets.

Keep The sex Games In Mind

Write down your sex fantasies together and place them in a tray. Pull out a random one each week and follow the instructions to the latter. This sex game will kill the predictability of your sex life: Remember that sex fantasies are not always something you or your partner would want to act out as such avoid pressurising your husband to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing.

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