South Sudan: Chol Marol Deng Wins 18 -Year- Old With $44,000 Offer 1

South Sudan: Chol Marol Deng Wins 18 -Year- Old With $44,000 Offer

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The family of Athiak Dau Riak, an 18-year-old Nook clan girl who hails from Twic East County has announced their acceptance of Chol Marol Deng’s marriage proposal and not Marial Garang Jil’s who hails from Jonglei State’s Bor County.

This decision follows a month-long intense negotiations and competition between both sides. The announcement was made on Jonglei State on Thursday, where the Athiak family rep, Dut William, revealed their choice.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, Dut said, “Marriage competition is not a new thing in our society, but the lady cannot be shared between the two people, so we have to choose one,”

“Today (Thursday), the family of Dut Chol as well as Nook and the Pakeer communities made their decision after Athiak told us her choice and we agreed.”

Athiak has been at the centre of marriage negotiations that have surpassed customary limits. The competition between the two wealthy suitors has sparked widespread attention across Jonglei.

South Sudan: Chol Marol Deng Wins 18 -Year- Old With $44,000 Offer 2

Jil from the Koc clan, pledged a grand offer of 125 head of cattle and SSP 100 million while Deng of the Awulian clan countered with 123 head of cattle and SSP 120 million along a piece of land.

The Dinka customary laws set a limit of 30 heads of cattle as bride price but the number varies based on mutual understanding between the families involved. At the beginning of the year, the Twic East Community reaffirmed in January 2024 that bride prices shouldn’t exceed the limit. The high stakes in this case have brought attention to the depth and flexibility of these customs.

Cultural expert Kuol Bol Ayom reiterated that such competitions were deeply rooted in the Dinka traditions. They signify the beauty and virtues of the bride and the prestige and integrity of the families involved.

Ayom shared he won a similar contest in 2005 after offering 104 head of cattle among nine suitors. The tradition is a way to foster peaceful coexistence and unity. It reflects the value of the bride strengthens familial and communal bonds and preserves the tribe’s culture and heritage.

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