Content Creator Sharon Mundia Sets Record Straight on Her Relationship With Patricia Kihoro

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Is Sharon Mundia Dating Actress Patricia Kihoro?

Media personality Sharon Mundia has set the record straight about an alleged sexual relationship with Patricia Kihoro. There have been many speculations surrounding the two and how they relate to one another.

In a joint Q& A session with Patricia Kihoro a fan demanded to know the nature of their relationship. The fan asked, ” Has the relationship between you two been that of more than friends? Sharon clarified that she has never had a sexual relationship with Patricia Kihoro adding that the two have different personalities and so they can’t be in love.

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Sharon revealed that she and Patricia were better off as friends since if they were in a relationship they would have broken up a long time ago. “We are not in love with each other. We do not have a romantic relationship. We would not be good together, our personalities are very different. If we were dating we would have broken up a long time ago,” she clarified.

In 2017 there were rumours that she was in a relationship with a famous female Kenyan rapper. Sharon clarified that she has only dated men and preferred to keep her relationships off social media.

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She wrote, “For the longest time, I was dating men. If you go through my Instagram over the years I didn’t even hide. I would post people but it wasn’t like lovey-dovey stuff, if you were keen you would see who I was dating at the time. I would post them in the context that this is somebody in my life but I wouldn’t reveal in what way they are in my life. I think of how private I kept that side of my life, people then speculate, start to make up things,”

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