Pornhub Owner Sold Off To Canadian Firm

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MindGeek, Pornhub Owner Is Off The Market

Mindgeek the parent of Pornhub (the largest pornsite) was purchased by a firm labeled Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) for an undisclosed amount. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed. MindGeek is the parent company of other websites including Brazzers and RedTube.
ECP sees it as an opportunity to strengthen MindGeek’s foundation of safety, compliance, and trust. The purchase also happens at a time when MindGeek is also facing lawsuits alleging that it has profited from Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).
Pornhub billboard
Pornhub billboard
On its website, ECP says it’s good at seeking tech-focused investment and dealing with problem companies.
“In industries that require principled ethical leadership…have legal and regulatory complexity and that put a value on transparency and accountability”
Pornhub provides user-friendly experience for viewers
Pornhub provides a user-friendly experience for viewers
Pornhub which was founded in 2017 has over 76 million monthly active registered members and has changed the world of entertainment. The deal’s announcement says that more than 130 million adults visit the site for
the best selection of award-winning performers, the most extensive collection of high-quality videos, and a safe, user-friendly experience for viewers

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