Pickup joints for lonely guys in Namibia

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If you find yourself in need of travel companions in Namibia, then read on. Your success rate depends on a couple of things like time, environment, and activities that you want to engage in.

Here are a few places you can meet Namibian girls and guys for company:

  • Right outside the churches
  • In casino 
  • Gyms
  • Along the streets as they window shop
  • In public transport
  • Clubs
  • Theatres
  • On the beaches of Swakopmund

However, if you are looking for a hookup or short-term fling, it is easy to find a call girl in Windhoek at night. To find women for a hookup, head to nightclubs, casinos, hotels, or gyms where the women work as attendants.

Some of the easy places to pick up single Namibian girls include:

  • Joe’s beer house
  • Pharaoh’s Bar and Lounge
  • The warehouse theatre
  • Platz Am Meer
  • Jetty
  • Village Cafe
  • Ocean beach
  • Safety beach
  • Bojos cafe
  • Bar Zonder Naam
  • Infinity Lounge
  • Desert Tavern

However, be cautious of the streetwalkers because some of the beautiful women you see at night might be used to lure you into a trap or attack by thieves.

It is easy to find a friend with benefits online. In this kind of arrangement, a blesser finances the relationship while the blessee receives the gifts and monetary things in exchange for sex. You can find fwbs in beach resorts and high-rated hotels or online.

The Blesserfinder platform specifically helps with this type of relationship. The blesser is usually a well-known prominent person in the country, probably a politician or a business owner.

Men also find cougars who are craving for a relationship or marriage in this manner. The cougars are often divorced, widowed, or single who gave up relationships to pursue academic success, careers and business. These women can be found on dating sites like badoo, topface, and waplog or on Namibian hookup websites.

Nudity is prohibited and so is prostitution. Therefore, getting a swingers club will be very difficult since they are secretive groups. however, those who have kinks can visit online escort websites in Namibia for hookups and casual flings.


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