For Women Who Desire To Squirt: Does Eating Okra Open Hidden Wells in Women?  1

For Women Who Desire To Squirt: Does Eating Okra Open Hidden Wells in Women? 

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Okra also referred to as ‘lady’s finger’  is a natural vegetable whose pods are harvested, selected and cooked as a vegetable. The vegetable comes in two different colours, green and red. When cooked it becomes slimy making it repulsive to many people.
That sliminess however is highly sought after by a group of women who believe that apart from improving lubrication among women, eating okra also opens up the hidden wells in women’s vaginas. Some women opt to dip the okra in water and drink it instead of preparing a meal out of the vegetable.

Benefits of Okra Water to Women’s Sexual Health

Increases Libido and Lubrication

Drinking okra water is said to have several sexual benefits for women. It helps to increase their lubrication, libido and overall satisfaction. These benefits are attributed to Vitamin C and B complex vitamins as well as the fibre present in Okra. The vegetable also contains several antioxidants that prevent the flushing of the skin during sexual activity.

Restore vitality

One of the core benefits of okra water is its ability to enhance women’s sexual health. Okra has compounds that act as aphrodisiacs as well as maintaining hormone production and regulating blood flow. By drinking okra water every day, women can increase their genital sensitivity and clitoral stimulation hence causing an increased sexual arousal.
Studies also show that the vegetable has anti-inflammatory benefits which reduce discomfort during sexual intercourse which is often caused by vaginal infections.

Balancing Hormones

For ladies and women who want to balance their sex hormones and sex lives, taking okra water could be the answer. Okra water is seen as crucial for females who want to up their oestrogen levels naturally. In addition to regulating a woman’s hormone levels, this kitchen ingredient benefits female sexual health.
 Other advantages of okra water include stabilizing blood levels and also lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This explains why okra water is gaining a lot of attention from women as an alternative form of supplementation.
For Women Who Desire To Squirt: Does Eating Okra Open Hidden Wells in Women?  2

 Increases Sexual Stimulation

Okra water benefits females in various aspects and can also have a positive effect on their sexual lives. According to studies, okra water is a great asset for stimulating women’s sexual pleasure. Glycogen okra raises the estrogen levels in women leading to a high sexual stimulation It also increases lubrication during sexual intercourse making it easy for women to reach orgasm. The minerals and vitamins in okra promote females’ general health which contributes to improved sexual performance.

Improves Fertility

Whereas there’s no evidence that shows okra water can make women fertile, it is said to improve chances of conceiving since it has a rich supply of nutrients for instance folate. Okra water may improve fertility by helping you maintain a healthy weight. Obesity and being overweight negatively impact fertility.

Prevents Birth Defects

Okra serves as an additional source of Folate for women who are pregnant or intend to get pregnant. It is crucial in repairing damaged DNA in the cells in addition to prevention of birth defects especially those that involve the spinal cord and the brain. Women of reproductive age are advised to take 400mcg of folate daily.
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