Important Things to Know Before Undergoing Vasectomy 1

Important Things to Know Before Undergoing Vasectomy

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Vasectomy, also known as male sterilisation, refers to an elective surgical procedure that serves as a permanent contraception for men. During the vasectomy procedure, the male vasa deferentia( tubes carrying sperm from testicles) are cut and tied or sealed preventing sperm from entering the urethra hence preventing fertilisation in a female’s body through sexual intercourse.

Deciding to undergo the surgical process is a serious decision that should only be taken under the guidance of a qualified surgeon. Dr Chudi Osegbe, a Urologist and Clinical Coordinator at St. Mary’s Specialist Centre shares that patients should decide that they are not having children any more before they undergo the knife.

Dr Chudi advised that the female partners of such partners should also be aware of the decision. He shared, “We try to make sure that the man has made it known to his wife that he does not want children again. Although it is not a prerequisite, it is better psychologically for everyone,”

Here are important things you should know about undergoing vasectomy:

The Vasectomy Process is Reversible

Vasectomy is a reversible procedure: surgery is performed to undo the previous procedure. During the procedure, a surgeon will reconnect the tube that carries the sperm. According to the urologist, the reversal surgery is more expensive and the chances of regaining fertility are slim.

He shares, “Although vasectomy is reversible, we treat it as not being reversible for a number of reasons. Firstly, the surgery to reverse it is a thousand times more expensive than the vasectomy surgery itself.

Important Things to Know Before Undergoing Vasectomy 2

“Secondly, the longer it takes to reverse the procedure, the lower the chances of fertility. That is why we advise patients to be very sure that they do not want children again before undergoing a vasectomy. It is also more advisable for men who have had children to undergo it, than those who haven’t.”

Wear Tight Underwear After The Procedure

The urologist states that it’s important for patients to wear tightly fitting underwear after the surgical procedure to avoid unnecessary movements that may cause pain to the affected area.

The recovery could take about fourteen days but the urologist says some patients resume their usual activities after the 48 hours. He however asserts that patients must abstain from sexual intercourse one week after the procedure.

Vasectomy Doesn’t Affect Erection

The urologist asserts that undergoing vasectomy surgery doesn’t;t affect the erection of a man or his sexual abilities. If a patient could have an erection before the surgery he’s going to continue having it afterwards. If he couldn’t have the orgasms it would still be the same thing. A vasectomy has absolutely nothing to do with sexual performance.

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