African celebrities spending valentine's day

How African Celebrities Spent Valentine’s Day

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How African Celebrities Basked in Romance on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a special day to celebrate loved ones and shower them with affection too. Some people choose to celebrate their loved ones in private while some celebrities choose to display their affection to the public eye. Here’s how various African celebrities spent their Valentine’s day:

For Nigerian Comedian and actor Ayodeji Makun aka AY, celebrating the lovers’ day is an everyday affair for him as such he spent the day in his house bonding with his partner.

Comedian AY and wife
Comedian AY and his wife

“I am not doing Valentine; I am in my house with madam and there is no special thing. Celebration of love for us is every day, there is no special day just pinpointed for love. Yeah, we can mark it like other people but we are cool; we will sit at Netflix, chill, have drinks, and fun, and eat, just like a family.”

Nigerian celebrity Ebele who is Obi Cubana’s wife shared a video on social media that showed her husband displaying love for her by handing flowers and gifts to her. Commenting on social media Ebele wrote, “So, I went downstairs to have my breakfast and came up to meet this surprise. Like I had no clue; you sure got me on this one. 300 roses wow. Thank you so much, my lover.”

Ghanian Philanthropist and actor John Dumelo spent Valentine’s day spreading love to the inhabitants of Bawaleshie. on his Instagram page, he shared photos with the caption,

John Dumelo and his family
John Dumelo and his family

“Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and Chocolate day as well. I spent my evening in Bawaleshie sharing chocolates and interacting with the inhabitants.”

Tanzanian-based socialite Zari Hassan did not celebrate her Ben ten boyfriend, Shakib on lovers’ day. Her youngin however wrote a special message to her which Zari did not bother to respond to. He wrote, “Happy Valentine’s day my queen, you are a blessing to me,” Shakib wrote along a picture of himself with the socialite.

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