Hayford Trumu and Heducator Trending Gay Video 1

Hayford Trumu and Heducator Trending Gay Video

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An intimate video dubbed ” Hayford Trumu” shared by a famous gay man better known as Heducator has made a Ghanaian Twitter influencer popular, and sparked debates about accountability online. According to Headucator, Hayford allegedly promised to pay GHC in exchange for sexual services. Hayford left the scene following the meeting and has refrained from getting in touch since the encounter.

Heducator alleges that despite multiple calls and several text messages to the other party requesting the payment agreed upon, they have all gone unanswered. Heducator accused Hayford of being a gay man who purports to be heterosexual. Before making the allegations public, Heducator shared a photo of Hayford on his Instagram page asking any followers who know Hayford in real life to contact him. Hayford and Heducator’s video is circulating online.

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