Hydrate Your Way To Harder Erections With These 6 Erection Drinks 1

Hydrate Your Way To Harder Erections With These 6 Erection Drinks

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Bananas, dark chocolate and watermelons are great foods that help to maintain strong erections. As you eat these aphrodisiac foods, you might be wondering if there are drinks that can help you with erection dysfunction.

If you want to hydrate your way to hard erections, you can have these drinks and shift the balance in favour of your overall sexual health:

Pomegranate Juice

There’s evidence according to a 2013 review that pomegranate juice was associated with improving erectile dysfunction. This is because the antioxidants in this juice enhance nitric oxide levels. Nitric acid promotes blood flow in your vascular system.

For this reason, it is important for physical functioning including your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. According to studies, nitric oxide plays a major role in relaxing the vascular muscle that supplies blood to your penis when you are aroused sexually.

Watermelon Juice

 Watermelon is a refreshing beverage for Erectile Dysfunction. When juiced, watermelon is a source of the amino acid, I-citrulline. I-citrulline is known for its benefits to vascular function and blood flow which are significant parts of sexual and physical performance. Eating slices of watermelon is bound to work wonders too.


There are many reasons why you should avoid milk including lactose intolerance but medical experts wouldn’t advise you to avoid it for ED. According to a 2003 study drinking milk helps with sexual function and performance.

Hydrate Your Way To Harder Erections With These 6 Erection Drinks 2

The study found that the L-arginine amino acid that is present in dairy products helps improve your blood flow and relax your muscles.

Tea and Coffee

If you are a coffee or tea drinker struggling with erectile dysfunction, you may be in for some good luck. According to a 2005 review, coffee helps to improve blood flow and relax smooth muscles that help to maintain an erection.

A different study also found that consuming 170mg-375mg of caffeine daily was enough to reduce reports of ED.

Beetroot Juice

There’s no strong evidence of beetroot juice curing erectile dysfunction. However, the drink increases nitric oxide in the bloodstream and this helps open up the blood vessels surrounding the penis and promote blood flow required for an erection.

This juice also affects blood pressure. If you have hypertension, foods rich in nitrates like beetroot juice can lower your blood pressure.


If you are wondering what drink will make you last longer in bed, then water is your best buddy. Before you try other remedies or pop any pills to improve your sexual stamina, drink a few glasses of water.

Increasing your water intake hydrates you and increases your sexual drive. Water will also ensure you enjoy better orgasms and a high amount of lubrication. It also cleanses your body system and fights off fatigue so you can enjoy lasting longer in bed.

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