Arrow boy and Nadia Mukami

Arrow Boy Reveals Why He is Still Dating Songstress Nadia Mukami After Nasty Split

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Lovers Arrow Boy and Nadia Mukami Still Locked After Major Fight

Singer Arrow Boy has come clean about the status of his current relationship with songstress Nadia Mukami. Speaking during an interview on Mungai Eve YouTube show, the popular hitmaker revealed that at the time his lover made the announcement of their breakup on social media, the two music geniuses were facing a tough moment in their relationship but the two took time apart from each other and waited for things to work out again.
Nadia Mukami and Arrow boy in matching outfit
Nadia Mukami and Arrow boy in matching outfits
Arrow Boy further recognized Nadia Mukami as his partner and mother to his son adding that the songstress may have posted about their separation probably due to the pressure she was facing at the time of the nasty breakup.
“Any relationship inakuanga na ups and downs. Kuna time mambo inachemka unaangalia mwenzako hivyo unaona kama ni kondoo fulani hivi. Tukaongea na bado tunazidi kuongea. Saa hii mambo haijachemka kama hapo awali, pole pole tutaituliza. I’ve never given a statement. Sijawahi achana na mtu yeyote. As far as I know, Nadia ni mama mtoto wangu na ni mpenzi wangu. So sijawahi toa statement nikisema tumeachana, na hio time ikifika hata hamtajua, yaani itakuwa tu,”
Nadia Mukami, Nadia mukami and young son
Nadia Mukami, Nadia mukami and young son
Last year Kai Wangu hitmaker Nadia Mukami announced that she had split with her partner Arrow Boy. On her Instagram stories, Nadia insinuated that she had split ways with Arrow Boy a while back but had kept the news under wraps.
On her Instagram live she wrote,
“Just to clarify to the guys to book Arrow Bwoy and me. I have run out of lies. We have been not been together for a while, we broke up,”
Fans are yet to determine whether the couple actually split or there was a prank that didn’t. suffice.

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