Abena Korkor: Stonebwoy Chopped My Toto And Conned Me

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Socialite Abena Korkor has mentioned Stonebwoy as one of the most influential people she has come across and used her. On her Twitter page, the celebrity mentioned that she had a thing with Stonebwoy yet the musician couldn’t help her when she needed him. She said, ” Stonebwoy chopped me for free, he couldn’t even help when I needed money for rent.” Abena further revealed that aside from the singer sleeping with her without giving her any money, she promoted the singer’s songs, yet when she needed help, he didn’t show up for her.


Korkor reiterated that her rent was due yet her boyfriend scammed her of 200,000 CEDI’s and told Chief to inform Stonebwoy that she needed money for rent but he didn’t give her even one cedi. These claims come after an alleged second sex video of Korkor surfaced on the online space. The socialite has been running the dailies for the past few weeks as her bedroom videos have been released one episode after the other. Abena claims that she is careless about entertaining men with her bedroom videos.
Recently also revealed that she had been sexually abused by health practitioners during her mental breakdown. ” The last time I went to the hospital, I was given chemicals and injections it is affecting my menstruation…I speak the TRUTH. I have supporting evidence for everything. I want to leave Ghana it is toxic and not good for my mental health. People die or go missing. I fear for my life. But God is my strength. He will continue to protect me.”

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