Woes Of a Clandestine Would-Be

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The forbidden dick tastes the sweetest. This much I can attest. For a while now, Mark and I have been shagging behind our colleagues’ backs. Our last sex escapade almost sent me to an early grave, this man can shag! Mark is an assistant manager at a Teacher’s college where I teach. Immediately after I joined the teacher’s college as an English tutor, Mark started going after my ass. I snubbed him for a while but the man was determined to get between my legs.
When I was fairly new in the college, my colleagues would form a circle over lunch break at the college’s canteen and discuss this predator. Some would narrate how he preys on young girls and grab their asses in his office. I’d shake my head in disgust and condemn his acts.
“Don’t shit where you eat,” some colleagues warned me. My colleagues had already noticed that he was making subtle advances. There was no way I was going to shoo Mark away. His voice drove me crazy, I wanted to sit on his dick so bad.

Fucking Mark In His Office

My first sex encounter with Mark was nothing short of adventurous. I was sitting in my office on a Thursday evening after work hours writing lesson plans for the following day when I heard a knock on the door.
On opening the door, Mark’s messenger boy, Ian, walked in. “Hi ma’am,” Ian said. “Mr. Mark requests your company for a drink or two in his office.”
“Sure,” I responded without any hesitation. I put away my books, grabbed my purse and hurriedly locked my door. ” Mark has now opted for a more direct approach,” I thought to myself as I ascended the stairs to his office.
I snubbed Mike for a while, But he was determined to get between my legs
     I snubbed Mike for a while, But he was determined to pop my cherry.
The college was quite desolate and eerily quiet heightening to the excitement and sense of anticipation. If I messed around with Mark nobody would hear me screaming or hear Mark’s yam pounding in my pussy. Mark and I would enjoy the solitude of the empty college.

When I softly knocked on Mark’s door, he swung it open eagerly and greeted me with a broad smile.”Welcome, mademoiselle,” he said warmly guiding me to a seat in his office. On Mark’s desk, he displayed a photo of himself with his wife and two children depicting a dedicated family man. Just next to it were two older-looking wedding photos.

I stared at the photos for a moment before Mark drew my attention back. “Care for some wine?” Mark asked as he produced two wine glasses, opened a small cabinet in the corner of his office and took out two wine bottles of Carlo Rossi.

“I wouldn’t mind a glass,” I replied untruthfully, although I knew I’d down both bottles of wine in no time. ” Those are photos of my wife and beautiful kids,” Mark explained. He went on to narrate about his strained relationship with his wife and children and his dutiful search for a loving woman who would understand him and support him.

“Having a side thing comes at a cost Mark, what’s your offer?” I hit back. “How much are you worth?” Mark asked as his hand found its way between my pussy.
I couldn’t find an answer to his question at the time. My vagina oozed all the flavourful juices every living man would love to quench off.
I wanted to sit on his dick so fast but he was already licking my cum off his fingers before he sat me on his desk and opened my legs apart. The photos in the glass case that sat prominently on the table, fell and shattered into pieces but we ignored them and jumped into one hell of a bumpy ride.
 Mark’s dick was big, at first, it couldn’t slither into my pussy easily, he wanted to make my vagina so sloppy, so he reached out for some lube from the lower compartment of his desk. He had an assortment of vaginal lubes in his office!! This man!
He grabbed a deep red strawberry-scented vaginal lube on my vagina and made it all sloppy. After a short struggle of forcing his dick into my vagina, Mark’s dick finally landed in the warm and moist heavens of my pussy. He pumped in my veejay just slow and passionately as he looked deep into my eyes. In less than five minutes, he was short of breath. Talk of a short and sweet trip to ecstasy!
“Eva let’s do this more often,” He said as he took out his dick of my pussy and messed his floor. His cum soaked a portion of the red carpet on his floor. Mark was truly sexually starved. How sweet his dick tasted is a story of another day. I can’t wait to narrate that experience.

Was I Ready to be Mark’s Other Woman?

Mark drove me home at 11 p.m. The drive home was short. Despite the short journey, we were interrupted by multiple calls from his wife, Liz. At one point, Mark was forced to answer her call and this left me in awkward silence. I wondered how it would be being Mark’s secret lover. Considering Mark’s busy schedule, could I be satisfied with seeing him just a single day in a week?
What if my feelings deepened and I wanted more from Mark; more than he could give me without jeopardizing his marriage? Beyond satisfying my sexual desires, I questioned whether Mark would offer me the comfort and appreciation I deserved akin to what he provided for his wife. These thoughts weighed heavily on my mind as I considered the complexities of our relationship.
Was I really ready to be Mark's other woman?
                 Was I really ready to be Mark’s other woman?
What did it mean to be his other woman? Was Mark looking for a woman to use as a distraction when things were rough with Liz? Was he just fabricating marital issues with Liz to manipulate my emotions and keep me hopeful of a solid union? Did Mark have intentions to lead me on?
Was I ready to be Mark’s other woman? I wondered as he dropped me home, kissed me goodnight and promised to see me the following day.
” Promise me to keep this a secret. I don’t want it to get in the way of my job and I also don’t want gossip and weird stares at work. Get home safe. Goodnight. Love you.” I texted Mark before I lay on my bed and fell fast asleep.

Mark dropped me home, kissed me goodnight and promised that he’d see me the following day. Several questions swirled in my mind. “Promise me you’ll keep this between us. I don’t want it to affect my job or cause gossip and strange looks at work. Get home safely. Goodnight,” I texted Mark before I fell fast asleep, wondering if I was truly prepared to be Mark’s clandestine lover.

What If Mark is Fucking My Friend at Work?

I visited “Alison’s Bites”, the  College’s cafeteria at 12:30 the following day without any of my workmates’ company. For some weird reason, I felt the need to eat lunch without their company. I couldn’t help but rewind and reminisce about the previous day’s events. Strangely, I regretted joining Mark for drinks the previous day but since my body craved his hands and my pussy died to milk his dick dry.
The following day at 12:30 pm, I went to ‘Alison’s Bites,’ the college cafeteria, alone. For some weird reason, I felt compelled to have lunch without my colleagues. As I sat there, I found myself reflecting and replaying the previous day’s events. Oddly enough, I regretted joining him for drinks the previous day but my body craved his warm touches and firm grips. My pussy died to milk his dick dry.
My thoughts were interrupted by Cianna, a lady I often hung around with in the workplace. She tapped my shoulder with her right hand, grasping her phone in her left. “Mind if I join you?” she asked.”Sure,” I replied. Cianna sat right next to me and set her phone on her lap. Almost immediately, a WhatsApp message popped up on her screen. The message read, “Hey beautiful, I miss you.”
All this while, I stared at the message in disbelief while Cianna perused the menu.”Someone texted you,” I interjected. She glanced at the text, smiled and resumed reviewing the menu on the table before us. the sender of the message that popped on the screen was Mark- the man I shagged the previous night. Numerous thoughts raced through my mind.
Did the two have a thing going on? Was Mark on a mission to hit it with every lady in the college? Cianna ordered her meal and we had our lunch together. She talked about joining Mark for drinks that evening. She heaped a lot of praise on the guy but I just smiled sheepishly. I vowed not to mention a single thing about my escapade with Mark. As we were having lunch, Mark sent me a message via WhatsApp. It read, ” Hey Beautiful, I miss you.”
I read it in disgust. How many more women had he sent the same message? I wondered. I chewed my food slowly as I pondered to myself. I knew it was time for me to investigate what shenanigans this duo was into. Am I still fucking Mark? Yes, I am. Do I plan to give up on his dick? Catch me dead.
But one thing, I need assurance that Mark’s not shagging my work bestie. And what if the two have a thing? I’ll reply to the moneyed bastards who camp in my inboxes and go to all the coffee dates they invite me to. Then Mark will become a dead and forgotten story. I swear I won’t even cross the same paths with him or breathe the same air as him. It doesn’t matter how sweet he tastes.
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