International Condom Day: Why It's Celebrated Ahead of Valentine's Day 1

International Condom Day: Why It’s Celebrated Ahead of Valentine’s Day

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Condoms are a method of birth control that helps to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI). Being informed about STDs and taking measures to protect yourself helps reduce the spread of STDs as well as improve your overall sexual health.
International Condom Day is observed every 13th February, a day before Valentine’s Day to address health challenges that are associated with HIV/AIDS prevention, promote condom access and take measures towards protection.


The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) established International Condom Day in 2009 in a bid to promote safe sexual practices. On International Condom Day the World Health Organization (WHO) displays creative approaches to condom promotion, including artistic expression by Artist Adriana Bertini.
The Brazilian artist makes her art out of defective condoms as raw materials. Her creative creations include plastic art, elegant shawls and vivid bikinis among other pieces of art. Berini asserts, “I want my art to be visible everywhere, reminding people of the necessity of HIV prevention,” Bertini says. “I prefer working more with the figurines because I noticed that they make people think about the meaning of ‘Wear against AIDS’.” Here’s why we observe the significant day before Valentine’s Day:

Encourage Open Dialogue

In some societies, discussions surrounding sexual health and condom usage remain taboo. This day seeks to break down barriers by fostering open conversations surrounding safe sex practices. By normalizing such discussions, people can make informed decisions without shame or embarrassment.
International Condom Day: Why It's Celebrated Ahead of Valentine's Day 2

Promoting Condom Use

The crucial purpose of International Condom Day is to spread awareness that combats the spread of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. With about a million STIs spread globally every day, condoms serve as a defence in reducing this number.

Empowering Individuals

International Condom Day educates people to take control of their sexual well-being. It empowers people to prioritize their sexual well-being and that of their sexual partners. It also emphasizes the significance of making responsible decisions about one’s sexual health.

Reducing Spread of STIs

International Condom Day promotes consistent condom use thus reducing the spread of STIs. Through the education and spreading awareness initiative, the day helps people to understand the significance of using condoms as a preventive measure hence contributing to the decline in the Sexually Transmitted Infections prevalence.
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