Sexier Than You! Anita Brown Attacks Davido’s Wife Chioma

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Chioma Vs Anita Brown, Who Has Got A Banging Body?

Nigerian Singer Davido’s US side-chick Anita Brown has attacked his wife Chioma in a video circulating online. Brown alleged that Chioma had work done on her body but it later turned out to be trash. She also claimed that she had a better and banging body than Davido’s wife.
Anita had taken to her Instagram page to rant about Davido and his wife. In a snippet from Instagram Live that is circulating online, Brown claimed that American ladies have their bodies done so as to gain respect from their men. According to Brown, Davido’s wife Chioma also decided to get her body done only for it to turn out to be trash.
Anita also bragged about how she got a banging body Chioma inspire her to be a wife to a billionaire. Anita claimed, “When you are in this country, you get some work done so niggas can respect you. I don’t know about Africa bitch! I’m in motherfucking America and that’s what we do. Chioma’s body is done, her body is just trash.”
Brown said that Chioma’s alleged plastic surgery was trash adding that she couldn’t snag a sexier body in spite of being married into a billionaire family. Anita also pointed out that she couldn’t afford billions like Davido and his wife but she got her body properly done. She further ranted saying that she’s not caged by a man to just give birth while the man goes sleeping and giving birth with other women.

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