Is Akothee's Marriage To Mr. Schweitzer(Omosh) A Long Con ?  1

Is Akothee’s Marriage To Mr. Schweitzer(Omosh) A Long Con ? 

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Famous secular musician Esther Akothee alias Akothee has dropped the title, “Mrs Schweitzer ” which she has been using on her social media platforms. The hitmaker adopted the name following her wedding to Swiss national, Denis Schweitzer. The internet sensation has reverted to the ‘Akothee Kenya’ title only six months after her grand wedding.
In a recent post on social media, Akothee expressed gratitude to her fans who supported her during trying moments. She further stressed that she has been undergoing therapy for the past two months further revealing that she experienced many days without sleep and food trying to maintain her family, business and public image. Part of the message on social media read,
Is Akothee's Marriage To Mr. Schweitzer(Omosh) A Long Con ?  2
“I started by monitoring my behaviours, I realized I was breaking down quite often for no reason, even just a simple interview. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I never knew about emotional abuse until I started therapy,”
The social media influencer thanked her friends and family; the pillars of her life for standing with her during the difficult period. She asked her fans to remain calm, pray for her and respect her privacy during the healing process. She said,
“I have come out of a very dangerous zone and have been healing in private. I am in my second month of therapy. The trauma I went through after finding out the truth and some ugly stuff that left me shaking,”

Details About Mr. Schweitzer

As usual, social media users are on the platform to research more about this mysterious man. It is alleged that Mr Schweitzer is a Dating App legend who lurked on the dating app in search of a Female living in Kenya aged 18-24 years for some period of time. It is rumoured that Akothee and Schweitzer met on the dating app and not in Zurich city as Akothee had previously announced. Rumours also have it that Schweitzer had been married earlier on in Pakistan.

Is it over for Akothee and Schweitzer?

Social media onlookers are still wondering whether it’s a wrap for the two. Mr Schweitzer has been missing out on social media and has not been seen together with Akothee for a long time. There were speculations that the two split earlier this month following Schweitzer’s absence from her daughter’s business launch. Akothee rubbished claims that she parted ways with her husband and asserted that she would not create a poster to announce that she is single.
The question on most Netizens’ lips is whether the two have finally called their marriage quits, facing marital issues or Akothee is just facing other mental issues unrelated to her marriage.
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