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Cheating In A Relationship: 8 Main Reasons Why Men Crave Side-Chics

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Insecurities And 7 Other Reasons Why Men Crave Side-Chics

A side-chic is any woman who carries on with any sexual relationship with a man who is married or is in a committed relationship. Cheating in a relationship can be devastating as it can cause emotional distress, however, some men can’t stop having affairs. Here are the main reasons why men still choose to have side chics:

some men can’t stop having affairs

Release Tension 

Some men keep their side-chics around even after cuffing their main girlfriend.  When men want to release their tension, they sometimes go for someone younger or a different woman to release their tension to.

 They Have Insecurities

Some men have insecurities, such men can’t rely on women or trust them. So they resort to an option or second choice. They, therefore, use side-chics to show their women that they have an option when their main woman threatens to leave.

They Crave attention 

men love side-chics who give them attention
men love a side chic who gives them attention

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. Therefore wives should learn the art of communicating with their men so they won’t start imagining things outside the box. A man will sometimes crave a woman who communicates with them and gives them the attention they crave.

No Mess To Clean 

Side chics are an escape from the demands and responsibilities of the main relationship. Being with a side chic is fun and easy for most men because side chics don’t ask them to clean up their messes or even call them for hours on end as their main chics do.

Fulfill Sexual Fantasies 

Men desire to have an outlet for them to explore their sexual needs without being judged for it. Since a side chick does not invest emotionally in the relationship, she’s willing to explore different sexual fantasies like BDSM, role-playing, and even orgies just to keep him sexually satisfied and that will keep the man locked in the affair.

They Can’t Get Over Their Exes 

Some men keep their exes to be their side-chic
A man may retain their ex as a side-chic

When a man has heavily invested in a relationship, he finds it hard to let go of his partner. Therefore, he may retain his ex as a side chic due to the level of connection they both share. This however may prevent both partners from moving on and hurt the main woman even more.

Fear Of Missing Out 

When men admire other women other than their own, it’s sometimes imprinted in them that the grass is greener on the other side, which is not always the case. When the opportunity to be with another woman presents itself, most men go for it in the fear that such an opportunity may not present itself again.

Insecurity Issues

Some men are very insecure about their relationships and some wonder whether they are good enough for their spouses. Since they may not be happy in their relationships, some resort to dating side chics thinking it answers their insecurity issues. This however ends up causing a lot of problems with their main chics.

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